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Certified Natural Laboratories is pleased to introduce: Maxaman

Specially formulated with herbs and extracts from around the globe, Maxaman can help to enhance sexual sensitivity, increase sexual stamina, and actually increase the size of your penis by up to 25%.

The special blend of herbs in Maxaman have been shown to boost blood flow to the penis, thus expanding the sponge-like erectile tissue in the penis, leading to size gains in both length and thickness. 

A recent survey showed that 68% of women are unsatisfied with the size of their partners. Of course most of these women would never tell their partner that they are unhappy with their penis size. Having a small or average-sized penis can result in depression and feelings of inadequacy. Thankfully, men of all ages can now safely and naturally increase the size of their penis and renew sexual vitality without resorting to dangerous surgery.


How to measure your penis size correctly: To determine length, measure the erect penis from the base of the penis where the top of the shaft meets the pubic area (the peno-pubic junction) to the tip of the head. For uncircumcised men the foreskin should be retracted. To determine width, measure at mid-shaft around the circumference while the penis is erect. 

Whether you have a small, average or large penis, it is now possible for you to increase the size of your penis by up to 25% without resorting to dangerous surgery or cumbersome weights.

The all-natural proprietary blend of unique herbs found in Maxaman is designed to restore blood flow, unleash stored testosterone, and heighten sensation by activating the body's natural hormone production and supplying vital nutrients necessary for peak sexual performance. All of the ingredients in Maxaman are stringently scrutinized, and are guaranteed to be of the highest pharmaceutical grade.

How BIG Can You Get?

Realistically, you can grow up to 3 FULL INCHES IN LENGTH. This growth is so remarkable that it has been described by many as the 'magic bullet' for penis growth they have been looking for.

If you are ready to experience this amazing phenomenon for yourself, you can make it happen with Maxaman, GUARANTEED.


1-15 days
Most men notice more powerful and longer lasting erections almost immediately. A noticeable increase in thickness is also common.

15-60 days
By this point you should be able to notice an increase in thickness in both erect and flaccid states, as well as an overall increase in length.

60 days +
After nine weeks, your penis should be noticeably larger in both length and girth.


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